Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Do you have a counter full of personal items cluttering up your bathroom?  Let's see if we can find some remedies for this matter.

Looks terribly familiar.

The image below illustrates a very clever solution as long as you can find the wall space.  Maybe use a tall narrow mirror above each sink with the crates mounted between them.

The following are images of some more clever ideas for storage:

Shall we store some towels?

Baskets work extremely well as storage for towels as you can almost always fit one into your bathroom.  Roll towels and place them in a  a basket or fold them.  

The foregoing are some ideas I found while surfing the net.  I would very much like to hear about any ideas you might want to share.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Blue Rooms

Blue is considered the color of the mind.   Light blue is associated with inventiveness.  Sky or medium blue is relaxing.  Dark blue is identified with intelligence and lack of emotion.  Blue, along with purple and green, is considered a cool color.  

While the positive effects of blue are intelligence, logic and calm, the negative effects are unfriendliness and lack of emotion.  Strong blues evoke clear thinking and the lighter softer blues are calming and assist with concentration.

Let's see what it does for the bathroom.   OUCH! Is this smart provoking or is it emotionless?

Is this better?

Check out the kitchen.  Which one of the following three kitchens do you prefer?


Let's slip into the kids'room.  Children it is found, have positive reactions to bright colors such as pink, blue, red negative reactions to dark colors such as brown, black and gray.   

Is this considered blue or is it considered a dark color?  Will it bring on positive emotions as they say blue does?  or will it bring on negative feelings as they say dark colors do?  It seems maybe the white cuts breaks up the dark blue enough to make it quite pleasant.

How about this?

or this?

Since blue is said to be the color of calmness it would be an excellent choice for the living room.  

or the bedoom

How do you use the color blue in your home.  Please join the discussion.  All suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wine Stain in your carpet?

Horrors!  "A wine stain in my carpet,"  you say.  How do you fix it?  Lets find some ways.  With any of the following remedies keep in mind that the sooner you tackle the stain after the spill the better.

After blotting the stain with a clean cloth or paper towels mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups warm water.  Use this to  finish cleaning the area.  Keep applying this solution to the stain with a sponge and blotting until the stain is gone.

Another way to get rid of this stubborn stain (if your rug is not wool) is to use one part hand dishwashing detergent with two parts 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Test a corner first.  Sponge the solution on and then blot it off.  Rinse well.

Method number three is to add a little water to the stained area to dilute the wine and blot.  Repeat until you can remove no more wine.
Make a paste of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water and apply to the stain and wait for it to dry completely.  Then vacuum.   If any stain remains use a commercial carpet stain remover.

So there we are.  If you know of any  other method of removing this nasty stain from your carpet please share it with us.   All comments are welcome.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Carpet Coffee Stains

One of the most perplexing housekeeping issues is how to remove coffee stains from your carpet.  Of course the earlier you get to a stain the easier it is to clean up.  It has been suggested that beer can be used to remove coffee or tea stains.  So hold back a bottle of that six pack for emergencies.

If you catch it when it happens blot out as much as you can with a clean white cloth.  Then dilute it with a small amount of  cold water and continue blotting.  You may need to repeat this process a couple times.  Then finish with following the instructions on you favorite carpet cleaner.

On older set-in stains try 3 drops of a mild  dish soap mixed with a cup of water.   Ammonia can be used on your carpet if it is not wool.  Test a corner first.  Use a tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water.

Sometimes the stains reappear later.  Then just repeat the process.
If the coffee that was spilt has cream in it you need a protein based stain remover such as a pet stain remover.  

Equal parts of white vinegar and water can be used to blot the coffee stain.

If you don't know what the stain is try mixing a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with dab of non-gel toothpaste and rub it on the stain with a soft cloth.

Another inexpensive carpet cleaner for coffee or tea stains is club soda.  Pour it over the stain and blot it dry.

To remove deep stains it has been suggested to use a soft bristle nylon toothbrush and dab gently with whatever stain remover you are using..

In conclusion this is my bag of tricks for removing coffee stain from your carpet.  Please comment.  I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions that i didn't mention in this blog.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bring in the Sunshine

We've examined the effects of purple, red, black and green on our mood.  Now, lets see what yellow can do for our home and our psyche. 

Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum and is most noticed by the human eye. It means happiness, hopefulness, enthusiasm, energy, optimism, fun and cheerfulness. If your favorite color is yellow you are cheerful and fun loving spontaneous and sociable.

The symbolic meaning of yellow are diverse.  It can mean anything from hopefulness and energy to  cowardice and deceit.  Psychologists say that yellow, being a warm color can evoke feelings ranging from comfort to hostility.  It can be abrasive when overuse

How about the bathroom

Is this better?                                                                 

Or This?

Ok now, lets go get some breakfast started.            

Which kitchen would you like to make breakfast in?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Dining room


  Check out the kids' room

The living room below is too warm for this blogger. 

Below is an example of a cool setting with just the right amount of yellow to make it warm and cozy.

We probably don't want too much yellow  in  the bedroom

How about this?

How do you feel about the color yellow in your home decor.   The writer of this blog realizes that this is only her opinion.  She invites any and all criticism.                     

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bring the Green Indoors

The color green means life and growth  and is the most common color in nature.   Psychology recognizes green as a color of growth, harmony, and freshness.  Green is said to be restful to the human eye.  Because  it is a secondary color (a mixture of yellow and blue) it is considered peaceful and stable; a balance between a cool color (blue)  and a warm color (red).   Shall we use it in our home d├ęcor? 

Green is a calming color which soothes anxiety and nervousness.  It also helps to ease depression.  The negative effects of too much green are laziness,  moodiness, slowness and, believe it or not, depression.

Take this bathroom, for example:

Let's use it as an accent color:

Do we want to make breakfast here?

or here?

You see a bit more yellow in the above  green giving it a lighter, more cheerful effect.

Check out the children's room.  Is this cheerful enough?


 Nice!  the blue helps to calm the effect.

The living room is where we want to relax after a hard day, right?  This shade of green has enough yellow to make it too lively for me.

The green in the room below has enough blue to give it a calming air.

What about the bedroom?  Well, some authorities say that green is a good color for the bedroom as it is the color of fertility.  Hmmmmm!

Personally, I like the bedroom below with the super pale blue walls and the large green plant in the corner.

How do you feel about the color green?  I would like suggestions for the dining room.