Thursday, November 9, 2017

Space for a Claustrophobic

In today's homes space seems to be a scarce commodity. 

The main contributing factor to that cramped feeling one gets in small spaces is clutter.  Newspapers, magazines, or books lying haphazardly around the living room adds to that "closed in" feeling.    The author had an aunt who lived in a very tiny house so small that people called it a doll house).  It was always neat and tidy and never made one feel cramped.  Aunt Leta's motto was "everything has a place and everything is in its place".   On the other hand, the room below looks unpleasantly  familiar.

  The large furniture pieces should not only be small in number they should be light or neutral in color with maybe one or two colorful accent tables.  Light gray  furniture comes to mind accented with splashes of blue and orange pillows.

Lets move on into the dreaded kitchen,  a place that seems to be especially susceptible to clutter and often gives this cook a closed into prison, suffocating feeling

There we Go!!

Children's rooms can be helped by offering convenient places to store unused toys and games.  A desk and a book case in an older child's room will provide space for storage of those items that often 
contribute to clutter such as books, CDs,etc.

So one doesn't have to spend a lot of money to make your house feel larger.   Just clean house Ha!  Ha!
This lazy  claustrophobic housewife invites your comments on this blog.  Let me know how you feel.

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