Monday, November 13, 2017

Designer Black?

The color black is associated with mystery, sorrow, witchcraft,  death and  evil and is the symbol of grief.  Black also is prestigious, authoritative, powerful, formal and strong. Those whose favorite color is black are said to be methodical, introverted, secretive  and self denying. So how can we use it to decorate our homes?

Let's start in the bathroom.   

Yikes! I think I'm still asleep and having a 


Is it Morning Yet?

Eggs sunny side up?

Which dining room do you prefer?

Shall we see what the kids are doing?



Great idea!


Check out the living room   

Time for bed

After all that black I had to have a bit sunshine yellow.  

Though a bit of black as an accent can be beautiful

How do feel about using black in your decor?  Tell me what you think.