Friday, November 24, 2017

Blue Rooms

Blue is considered the color of the mind.   Light blue is associated with inventiveness.  Sky or medium blue is relaxing.  Dark blue is identified with intelligence and lack of emotion.  Blue, along with purple and green, is considered a cool color.  

While the positive effects of blue are intelligence, logic and calm, the negative effects are unfriendliness and lack of emotion.  Strong blues evoke clear thinking and the lighter softer blues are calming and assist with concentration.

Let's see what it does for the bathroom.   OUCH! Is this smart provoking or is it emotionless?

Is this better?

Check out the kitchen.  Which one of the following three kitchens do you prefer?


Let's slip into the kids'room.  Children it is found, have positive reactions to bright colors such as pink, blue, red negative reactions to dark colors such as brown, black and gray.   

Is this considered blue or is it considered a dark color?  Will it bring on positive emotions as they say blue does?  or will it bring on negative feelings as they say dark colors do?  It seems maybe the white cuts breaks up the dark blue enough to make it quite pleasant.

How about this?

or this?

Since blue is said to be the color of calmness it would be an excellent choice for the living room.  

or the bedoom

How do you use the color blue in your home.  Please join the discussion.  All suggestions are welcome.