Monday, December 18, 2017

From Trash to Sunglasses

Because of the drop in oil prices it is cheaper to make new plastic goods than to recycle the old ones.  so that means more plastic is being thrown away and ending up on our beaches.  

With the increase in ocean debris in the form of plastic some enterprising persons are turning this rubbish into sunglasses and running shoes.  

Will this make it profitable, then, to recycle and to clean up the trash from the beaches?  One would think so.  This could potentially lead to a vast clean up of microplastics from the most polluted areas.
It is encouraging to note that skateboards sunglasses, doormats, athletic shoes, sportswear and even jewelry is being made from these throwaways.  It is even reported that a large amount is being kept out of our landfills.
The doormats are made from old lobster trap ropes.  Cape Porpoise Trading Company is the firm making doormats and they have reported that their efforts have kept nearly 40,000 pounds of rope out of the landfills.  The company pays fishers by the pound for their unusable ropes though some are happy to donate.  
In Chile fishing nets are being recycled into skateboards and sunglasses.
Adidas is partnering with a conservation organization called Parley for the Oceans to collect marine trash and use it to make athletic shoes.
That could make beachcombing a profitable as well as beneficial hobby.  It's good excise too.