Monday, January 15, 2018

Beach Clean Up Day

For those of you who love the coast and are physically able there is a Beach Clean Up Day three times a year.  The first one for 2018 is scheduled for Saturday January 20.  I realize this is short notice for those of you who must travel to get there.  I'll try to do better after this.  I plan to keep you informed of upcoming events so that you have time to book lodging if you need it.   

For a chance to do your environment a big favor 

and have lots of fun at the same time

come join us!  There will be a Soup Feed at noon at 

the Peninsula Senior Center.  See poster Below.

There will be lots of time for other things to do for the rest of the 

weekend.  I would suggest sightseeing at one of the lighthouses or 

museums.  There is even time to check out the wild life refuge at 

the north end of the peninsula.  Then have dinner at any of the 

fine restaurants.   If you are not ready to turn in yet there are 

several after hours fun spots.