Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's Whale Watching Season!!

Its spring whale watching season on the Oregon coast.

 Here are some tips for how to watch for whales.

First , you have to know what they look like HA HA!

 Well.  Here's the  the front part.

Whales can be seen on the Oregon coast year round but RIGHT NOW in the last week in March is the best time.  

You can spot these giant mammals anywhere along the Oregon Coast but Depoe Bay is the whale watching capital of the coast.

You might be lucky enough to see a breach or a fluke but probably what you'll see is a spout and the hump of it back as it dives under water.

To get a close up view you might book a spot on a whale watching boat.

If you do spot a whale you can watch it as it swims at a rate of  five miles per hour, staying under water for three to five minutes at a time. They will be heading north in  the spring and south in  the winter.

The gray whale, also known as  grey whale, gray back whale, Pacific gray whale, or California gray whale reaches a length of about 49 feet and weight of about 40 tons.  Its life span is about 55 to 70 years.

Have fun whale watching !!